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Docq Illustration

Docq helps your businesses gain AI-based knowledge insight from your private data, securely!

Think of Docq as your employees' private and secure ChatGPT, a second-brain that understands your business.

Docq is Open Source Software (OSS AGPLv3) that is self-hosted "on-premises" within your cloud provider account (Azure/AWS/GCP). That means all systems, including machine learning models and data, lives within your boundary of control.

For the developers and other tech-savvy audience, Docq is like WordPress for generative AI. Out-of-the-box you get a private ChatGPT and a platform that can be customised and built upon using a plugin system (see extensions) and APIs (coming soon).

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Overview - A high-level view of How Docq can help your business, design principles, key features, and different deployment scenarios.

User Guide - This is section is for end-users (employees) and admins of the Docq app. It covers how to deploy and config Docq and how to use the AI chat funcitonality to help with your daily work.

Developer Guide - This section id for those wanting to understand the Docq code base, make code changes to customise Docq, extend Docq, and use Docq as a platform to build AI powered applications on top.